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4 Inch Motor - 2 Hp 1.5Kw

4 Inch Motor - 2 Hp 1.5Kw
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Product Description

submersible pumps

4-inch oil-cooled three-phase submersible motor

1. Fully enclosed squirrel cage asynchronous motor according to ice34-1 standard.

2. The motor shell, shaft and undercover are made of stainless steel.

3. The motor head is made of environmentally friendly brass or chromium plated cast iron.

  1. Pressure automatic adjustment device with oil and water resistant modified nitrile butadiene rubber

  2. Connect flange joints according to NEMA standard

  3. The enameled wire conforms to the American NEMA mw37-c standard

4. Unique high pressure release device ensures safe operation

Motor performance

Power;Three-phase 0.37 kw to 7.5 kw,Single-phase :0.37kw to 2.2kw

Voltage;50HZ/60HZ three-phase: 220V/380V

Axial pressure: 1500N (0.37kw-2.2kw) 2300N (3kw-4kw) 4000N (5.5kw-7.5kw)

Protection device class: ip68

Insulation grade: B

Maximum temperature resistance: 40 degrees (high temperature motor can be customized)

Maximum number of starts per hour: 30

Motor heating relay (temperature control) to achieve the safety protection of overload

Action world of overload safety protectors: less than 10 seconds (when the load is 5 times the rated current value)

Partial flush with independent ground 4 ✖ ️ was 1.5 and 4 ✖ ️ 2 was waterproof special cable

According to customer requirements to provide special specifications of products.

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