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Guangdong Jiangmen 6 inch Three Phase Well Submersible Motor

Guangdong Jiangmen 6 inch Deep Well Submersible Motor
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Product Description


6 inch water cooled three-phase submersible motor

1. In line with ice34-1 standard, sealed water-cooled lubrication structure, no pollution

2. Mounting flange and shaft extension dimensions in accordance with NEMA standards

3. The motor housing, rotor shaft and fasteners are all made of stainless steel, and other parts are treated with anti-rust

4. Motor leading bearing and thrust bearing are made of high wear resistant materials with large bearing capacity

5. Equipped with automatic pressure regulating device for sand control and modified nitrile butadiene rubber

The quality of

1.26 years of stable quality

2. Each motor has only one, and each motor has three tests

3. Water cooling design is more environmentally friendly


1.100% copper wire cold silicon steel sheet, high permeability

2. Waterproof rubber line

3. The bearing

Plain bearings are durable

Can be customized.

1. Thicker stainless steel 304 tube stainless steel and cast iron top cover available

2. Special waterproof cable

Motor performance

Power range: three - phase 4kw-37kw

Voltage and frequency: three-phase 50/60hz;360 v to 400 v

Protection class: ip58

Well water temperature greater than 40 degrees: solid content greater than/equal to 0.01%

PH: 6.5-8

Axial thrust: 15.500N



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