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Solar Deep Well Water Pump with Up To Head Pump of Up To 150 Meters Price

3inch 48v dc water pump brushless solar powered water pump dc solar submersible pump

Product Description

Solar deep well water pump with up to head pump of up to 150 Meters

Head 9-240m
Flow 0.5-200m3/h
Power 80-30000kw
Voltage DC24V,36V,48V,72V,90V,220V,380V
Pump Diamater 3'', 4'', 6'', 8''
Outlet Diamater 1'', 1.5'', 2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6''
Cable Wire 3m or can be customized

>>>Production Information

    dc solar submersible pump is an environmentally-friendly water supply solution. dc solar submersible pump are fitted with a permanent magnet motor which enables the efficient use of energy from nature. The dc solar submersible pump offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable.
    The dc solar submersible pump adapt to the characteristic weather profile of any given area. A battery backup system can store the extra energy generated and take over when the energy from nature is not available.
    dc solar submersible pump is more than just a pump –it's a complete intelligent system. Thanks to its built-in electronics, the dc solar submersible pump is compatible with both DC and AC power supply without requiring an external inverter.




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