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Pumps Submersible Pool Fountain Water Pump For Aquarium

6 inch Stainless steel Submersible Pump 6SG46/18 - 40 Hp 30Kw
Motor Power:
Traffic head:
Maximum head:
Maximum flow:
  • 6SG46/18

  • Liyuan

Product Description

Pumps Submersible Pool Fountain Water Pump For Aquarium

A submersible pool pump is ideal for draining swimming pools, ponds, aquariums, and shallow flooded areas. These pumps can be used with clean water or dirty water and have a built-in float to shut off automatically when the water level drops. They also come with a wide range of discharge options, including 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" discharge hoses.

Submersible water pumps are highly versatile, and can be used in a variety of different settings. They can be installed as a single unit or a dual system, depending on the specific needs of the installation. The latter option is favored for industrial applications because it offers redundancy in case of pump failure and provides larger capacity.

A submersible pump is a type of water pump that uses a submersible motor to move liquid. The motor itself is powered by a cable which is usually made of a single conductor or multiple conductors. These cables may be round or flat in cross section. Some cables also contain control wires and power conductors for the pump motor. They are often color coded for identification. They may also have a float switch.

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