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  • Jul
    Solar Water Pump For Agriculture

    Solar Water Pump For Agriculture, solar water pump, Water Pump For Agriculture, Solar Pump For Agriculture, Solar Pump

  • Jul
    Submersible Water Pumps

    1.Liyuan pump series are high-performance and wear-resistant phreatic submersible electric pumps, which are combined and produced by importing Italian and American advanced pump-making techniques. The driving part adopts the standard of American and Italian submersible motors.
    2.The body is covered with stainless case, and its rush pith is made with high-quality wear-resisting alloy and compound stainless steel materials, equipped with the special anti-wearing bearing structures of multi-level alloy rub against the wearable rubber.
    3.The pump is characterized by small-caliber, high flow, excellent adaptability, sand-proof, high wear-resistance, long life and energy-saving. It is the ideal equipment used in industry, family drinking, agriculture, geology, hydrology and pumping of lowering water engineering.

  • Jun
    High Quality submersible water pump

    1. Working principle of axial flow pumpThe axial flow pump and the centrifugal pump work principle is different, it is mainly the use of high speed impeller rotation produced by the thrust of water.The axial flow pump blade rotation of the water generated by the lift, can push the water from below t

  • Jun
    centrifugal pump

    Classification of pumpsWater pumps are generally classified according to the structure and function of the pump, and sometimes according to the needs of the use of the department, use, power type and hydraulic performance of the pump classification.(1) according to the departments of use, there are

  • Apr
    Submersible Pump

    Many customers will encounter some technical problems when choosing a deep well pump (deep water pump), such as: the height of the deep well pump (deep water pump) and what kind of state he can reach, will it rust, what should I do? Maintenance and other issues. To solve some of the above doubts, fi

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