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Submersible Water Pumps

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1.A submersible pump is a unit combining a pump and a motor to an enclosed unit, suitable for submerged installation.

2.There are two types of submerged pumps:

3.A submerged pump type with a submersible motor.

4.A submerged pump with a dry motor, which is connected to the pump by a long shaft.

5.These pumps are normally used for supply of fresh water for drinking, irrigation, and various industrial applications.

6.Submersible pump versions

7.The pump comes in both a single-stage and a multi-stage version (the multistage version being the most common one).

8.The submersible pump may be connected to a riser pipes with a non-return valve, or it can also be installed connected with a flexible hose or other arrangements.

9.The pumps are specially designed to be submerged in a liquid and are often fitted with a submersible motor which is hermetically sealed.

10.Motor and pump are connected with a coupling, from the pump shaft to the motor shaft.

11.Power to the motor is fed through one or more flexible watertight cable.



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