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Luxury High Quality Submersible Pump J80/44 - 5.5 Hp 4Kw Manufacturers

4 inch J80/44 - 5.5 Hp 4Kw
Detailed data:
Maximum head:
Pump Body Weight(kg):
Capacity(m3/h)total head:
  • J80/44
  • Liyuan

Product Description

2 hp water pump flow rate2 hp water well pump  

4 inch deep well submersible pump

1. Unique floating impeller structure, no axial force on the motor, suitable for multi-stage high head use.

2. The pump body has small outer diameter, large flow and high head, which is suitable for small diameter deep Wells and can significantly reduce the drilling cost.More applicable to industry, engineering construction water.

3.The pump head is equipped with a special non-return valve with high reliability to effectively prevent the impact of water hammer.

4. Stainless steel shell, alloy rubber bearing, strong resistance to sand and abrasion.

5. Muting technology with multiple protection, it runs silently and avoids annoying people.

6. All stainless steel submersible pump of deep well is made of 304 stainless steel, which is acid resistant and wear resistant 

2 in electric water pump2 inch deep well pump2 inch electric water pump

2 horsepower submersible pump

2 hp submersible deep well pump

2 hp submersible well pump



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